Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Now that I am gleefully enrolled in Harvard University it comes with great social responsibility.  I'm having to upgrade Sealy's rugby team after photography class.  Ta-Ta.

Every year one can buy used treadmills around February 15th when they start flooding the market and the price goes south.  Then in December....

I am hoping the Evangelical Inaugural Prayer doesn't go like this:  Dear Lord, let him grab whoever he wants, wherever he wants. That's what he says he likes to do. In the name of Jesus.  Amen.

My life is just getting more and more exciting. I've noticed instant, spontaneous, exhilarating mental vacations occur in the middle of my conversations occasionally.  Wonder where I go?

Funny.  As a child, I had little interest in learning about bots.


My son's high school graduation ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel from fancy school years ago. After careful reflection, I want my money back.




Polls Show Obama At A 58 Percent Popularity And Trump Down To 40 Percent

by jonathanturley
President_Barack_Obama495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreThere are an interesting set of polls out this week. President Barack Obama appears to be leaving office with one of the highest exiting polls of American presidents at 58 percent while President-elect Donald Trump has hit the lowest at 40 percent.  Polls change and Trump has already attacked the polls as rigged against him.  However, these polls can have a pronounced impact among members of the GOP who may be uncertain about the degree to which they will follow the lead of the White House on changes to taxes, immigration and other areas.


CNN/ORC Poll: Roughly 80 Percent Of Americans Do Not Believe That Russian Hacking Changed The Outcome of the Election

by jonathanturley
200px-Cnn.svgThe Democratic establishment has been pushing hard on a new narrative that Hillary Clinton lost not because of her record negatives polling going back years on truthfulness or the desire of the voters for an non-establishment candidate or the baggage carried by Clinton into the election.  Rather, it was the hacking by the Russians with a bit of help from FBI Director James Comey, according to this universal spin.  The media has assisted to a degree by referring to the "Russian hacking of the election," which is obviously not true.  The election was not hacked. No voting machines or tallies were hacked.  Emails were hacked and none of those emails appear to have been altered. They were real emails showing highly dishonest conduct by key players.  Despite the virtual mantra from Washington, voters are clearly not buying it.  A new CNN/ORC poll shows roughly 8 out of 10 voters do not believe that the hacking changed the outcome of the election.




College President Fired For Allowing Homeless Student To Sleep In Library On Record Cold Night

by jonathanturley
unknownBrian Carroll, campus president at Vatterott College in Kansas City had a human decision to make.  A student of the school was homeless and had no where to sleep on a night with freezing temperature.  Carroll decided to let the young man who is also schizophrenic sleep the night at the library.  For that, Vatterott (one of our growing number of for-profit schools) fired him, according to Carroll.  The young man did not steal anything or damage anything. Vatterott reportedly fired the president for allowing him to come in from the cold.







“I Have No Regrets”: Pakistani Mother Tells Daughter To Come Home For Wedding Celebration . . . Then Burns Her To Death As “Honor Killing”

by jonathanturley
screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-10-52-25-amAfter repeated refusals of her family to allow her to marry the man she loved, Zeenat Rafiq, 18, eloped with Hassan Khan, a classmate.  She was surprised therefore when her mother found her to say that all was forgiven and that she should return home for a belated celebration of the marriage.  When she showed up, her mother and brother proceeded to beat and strangle her . . . and then burned her.  Her mother, Perveen Bibi, has proudly claimed to have upheld the honor of the family by killing her own daughter.  She told the police “I have no regrets."



Trump Entering White House Unbent and Unpopular


President-elect Donald J. Trump will take office with less popular support than any new president in modern times, according to an array of polls.
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