Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Will Rogers

Off to my class at Harvard. Ta-ta, Biff.

There is so little I like about Donald Trump.  Yet, I really, really want him to succeed in making things better for Americans.  I hope we end up with health insurance like Congress and pay as little as Congress does.  I hope he feeds hungry children, and helps poor people, and veterans and small businesses as much as he is going to help rich people.  And I hope he does it all without war with anyone.  I hope he protects our American rights, like freedom of the press.  If he does all this, with a little more class than he's showing now, I'll support his lying ass.

No one should really be surprised about my recent acceptance into Harvard University.  After all,  I applied in 1962 and they told me then there was a waiting list.  They just didn't tell me I had to wait 55 years.

Trump tells Germany to buy American automobiles, Germany to Trump: 'Build better cars'

Trump's First Rule.  If it can possibly be construed (even remotely)  as even kind of negative about him then it's fake and all those questioning him about it should be shot.  If we will just remember this rule then we will all get along fine in the future.



Some little tweeter feels the need to beat up John Lewis one more time.  Not thoughtful.


Planned Texas jail reforms draw fears of unfunded mandates (video)


Jay Y. Lee, vice chairman of Samsung, in Seoul, South Korea, last week. A special prosecutor is seeking to arrest him on charges of bribing President Park Geun-hye.
South Korea Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Samsung Group Leader in Bribery Case


Jay Y. Lee, the de facto head of Samsung, is accused of ordering large donations to the family of President Park Geun-hye's confidante and two foundations.



Vermont Supreme Court Rules That Ugly Is Not Actionable As Nuisance Claim

by jonathanturley
500px-vtsupremecourt03fixed_tilt_solar_panel_at_canterbury_municipal_building_canterbury_new_hampshireThere is an interesting case out of the Vermont Supreme Court on aesthetic nuisance, a subject that I cover in my torts course.  At issue in Myrick v. Peck Elec. Co., 2017 VT 4 was a consolidated challenge to a solar power development on the basis that the solar power structures would be unsightly and reduce property value. In line with other courts, the Vermont Supreme Court roundly rejected the notion that ugliness or unattractiveness is a viable basis for a nuisance action under common law torts.



Harvard University's newest photography student is proud to present a picture shot today utilizing the skills learned at this renowned 300 year old University.  One prestigious professor was overheard commenting that it looked remarkably  similar to the work of a graduate of Silsbee High School.




Florida Professor Removed From Teaching After Allegations That He Gave Students A's in Exchange For Charity Donations

by jonathanturley
ucf_seal-svgucf_horizontal_logo-svgUniversity of Central Florida adjunct psychology Professor Kenneth Vehec, 57, has been removed from teaching after the school determined that he had exchanged A's for donations to a charity.


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