Saturday, January 14, 2017


Not sure I under this letter from my government.  It says that I am to appear on the afternoon of January 20th to begin long service of my country at Guantanamo Bay.

Day One. Trump makes it a felony to block his Twitter feed. #Freeatlast?

Television. Gomer Pyle re-reruns are opposite inauguration coverage. Commercial spots are selling at highest in U.S. history. Sha Zam

As a precaution most journalists are having their fingerprints removed before inauguration.

Now when you criticize his brand or his hotels, you are going to financial hurt his children.  Think he'll get upset about that? #rapidtweetsofmassdestruction



Day One. Our first Russian President will repeal the discriminatory anti-chicken laws to make America Great Again!






Ugandan Official Asks For Wads of Cash To Be Placed Into Casket To Bribe God

by jonathanturley
300px-god2-sistine_chapelCharles Obong, 52, a deceased Ugandan government official, appeared to be quite concerned about being called to account for his life and actions. Accordingly, he instructed that at least $5,700 (roughly P280,000) be placed inside his casket as an “offertory” to forgive God for his sins and “save him from hell fire.” Given his view of not only the susceptibility or ease of bribing the Almighty, I expect he has good reason to be concerned. While I am still a bit confused of why the Almighty would want Ugandan dollars or where he would use the cash, such attempted bribes are generally viewed as beyond the reach of criminal codes -- even ones with really really really long-arm jurisdiction.


Is Sugar Killing Us?


Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the Justice Department's findings
Chicago Police Routinely Trampled on Civil Rights, Justice Dept. Says


City and federal officials have agreed to a series of reforms the Police Department will make to address the problems detailed in a scathing report.


The 225th Anniversary Liberty coin.
The Coin? Gold. Its 'Real Value'? Lady Liberty Is Black.


The American symbol of freedom has never been depicted on currency as anything other than white. The $100 gold coin is intended for collectors.


Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Trump's Cabinet Picks Break With Him On At Least 10 Major Issues

Trump's would-be advisers said they disagreed with the president-elect on issues ranging from Russian hacking to NATO to even that border wall.



Five ways Trump’s “news conference” wasn’t a news conference

It’s another example of Trump’s attempt to control the media.

Robert Reich


Books.  Read 'em while you still can.  #weknowyouwon't





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