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Cleric: Killing Kurds Who Convert To Zoroastrianism Is “Legitimate”

by Darren Smith
By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor
Mulla Hassib
Mulla Hassib
In another example of attempts to legitimize murder for apostasy, an Islamist Cleric of the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) declared in an interview with the BBC that Kurds who leave Islam to convert to Zoroastrianism are to be murdered; or in his words "Killed and Executed."
The cleric extended his hand of mercy by allowing those converts three days to regret their decision but thereafter are to be executed.
In an almost brutal irony, Mulla Hassib from Sulaimani said that Islamic religious tenets permit such executions, but ISIS' practice of killing apostates is partially correct but he criticizes the terrorist organization for spreading the religion by means of "violence".

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