Monday, February 27, 2017

Enemy of the People

Pricewaterhouse, you had ONE job.

Didn't do well at golf today.  Thanks a lot Trump.

Medical Update.  Judge Gladys Oakley's surgery in Bryan was successful.  Full recovery expected.  May be transferred to Bellville Hospital as early as Thursday.

Science guy. Count me as a current contributor to future archeologists. You too can do this by simply dropping a saucer so hard it smashes into smithereens. F

For over a century people used the bathroom in Texas with little government involvement and very few problems.  Now we are consumed with it.   Bruce Jenner can't pee here without a gaggle of lawyers involved. We are really big, big embarrassing idiots. 

Allied countries are considering contributing to our Red Cross to help us with our national disaster at our white houses.  Good to have friends in our time of need.

Don't always paint Trump as un-truthful.  When he announced that he "loved the poorly uneducated" (his words, not mine) I think he was baring his soul.  It's probably why he picked a cabinet education secretary who wants to do away with schools.

Today after my workout at the gym I took my first smelfie.


Austin County Bar Medical Update

For those who hadn’t heard, Judge Oakley broke her hip and will have surgery today in Bryan.

For those of you who have been involved in Austin County for several decades, former Assistant D.A. Donna Little Bennett had a brain aneurism and had successful surgery.

I’ll post updates as I find out more information.

Our next meeting will be on March 14th.


So many unanswered questions. If I drop out of Harvard University now can I still consider myself an alum?  Is it still my alma mater?  Will I be invited to fancy parties on the Cape and chat with Kissinger? In other words, am I still better than you?



I really don't know why People believe the media over Trump.


New York Police Implicated In Thousands of Recorded Conversations With Crooked Gun Dealer

by jonathanturley
215px-NypdpatchAlex (Shaya) Lichtenstein has burned various corrupt NYPD cops after he secretly recorded their illegal dealings.  The only thing greater than Lichtenstein's insatiable greed was his obsessive recording of conversations.  Prosecutors told a court this week that Lichtenstein secretly recorded some 70,000 conversations.  Lichtenstein has pleaded guilty to bribery of police.  Lichtenstein was a member of the Orthodox Jewish Patrol that would roam Jewish neighborhoods.   His deep religious beliefs however did not seem to stop him bribing officials and committing criminal acts.





Allie T


Just can't regret my trip to Monaco.



Supreme Court 1
The Supreme Court is earning plaudits for smacking down prejudiced amici briefs… but what did they really accomplish?
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Asia in heels



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