Sunday, February 19, 2017


Gates may not be all that smart and good.  He paid taxes.


Decades of sprawl contributed to the city's predicament.
Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis


Climate change is threatening to push a crowded capital toward a breaking point.

Mar-a-Lago, the members-only club in Palm Beach, Fla., is being called the winter White House. The entry fee for members was doubled, to $200,000, shortly after President Trump took office.
Trump's 'Winter White House': A Peek at the Exclusive Members' List at Mar-a-Lago


Demand for membership, and its price, have risen at President Trump's Florida resort, raising concerns in some quarters about access that only the superwealthy and influential could obtain.




Macaques Fight for Survival

A cheeky macaque in Indonesia stole a photographer’s camera and took an image of himself. What came next was a viral storm of interest, delight, and advocacy to protect the rare black-faced monkeys. National Geographic sent photographer Stefano Unterthiner to the island of Sulawesi, where macaques are regularly hunted and prized for meat, to observe the frenzied fight to protect them—and how photography is helping.    |  Look Closer  


Binder Gardens


Blanket Ruling: Snuggies Are Not Apparel

by jonathanturley
unknown-2Much of law can be dry and mundane.  However, there are moments when the law reaches a transcendent truth.  There was the acceptance of war crimes in the Nuremberg trials.  The recognition that separate is not equal in Brown.  This week another milestone has been reached with a decision by Judge Mark Barnett of the United States Court of International Trade.  Barnett has ruled that Snuggies are blankets and not apparel.  The case is Allstar Mktg. Grp., LLC v. United States , Ct. Int’l Trade, 13-00395, 2/10/17.

Pinup Shoot in Needville

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