Saturday, February 11, 2017


Trump Tweets us every day someone new to hate.  Thanks for inspiring us "D". After four years of this we will all have to attend Trump University to remember who we can't stand. #Unifier #NumberOneBully #HisMamaShouldHaveHuggedHimMore


Someone just doesn't get it.



Fairfax Mayor Reportedly Close To Pleading Guilty In Meth-for-Sex Case

by jonathanturley
silverthornemugWe have been discussing lawyers and professors nailed as drug dealers.  Now close to my home, the former mayor of Fairfax City will enter a plea in a meth-for-sex prosecution.  R. Scott Silverthorne, 51, is reportedly ready to plead guilty after allegedly offering an undercover officer methamphetamine in exchange for an orgy at a Tysons Corner hotel.  Silverthorne told The Washington Post that 2015  was  a “terrible year" due to political challenges.  2017 has the makings of a much much worse year.


President Trump arrived on Friday at Palm Beach International Airport on his way to Mar-a-Lago.
Trump Vows Quick Action to Stop Terrorism After Setback in Court


While aides debated whether to appeal to the Supreme Court, the president said he may sign as early as Monday "a brand new order" restricting travel.




Real Lawyers Have Blogs

Study: Social media the equal of news websites for Americans’ news

By Kevin O'Keefe on February 11, 2017
Per a study from Pew Research released this week, just as many Americans get their news online from social media as news organization websites.
Almost twice as many people get their news from social media as search engines (35% to …


A Rare Survivor of a Philippine Drug Raid Takes the Police to Court


The survivor has provided a chilling account that challenges the government's assertion that those killed in the antidrug campaign were shot by the police in self-defense.





He was SERIOUS about providing jobs... for billionaires.


When driving through Sealy, slow down. Enjoy our front porches.


Brady Takes Heat For Using Kipling Poem In Tribute Tweet to Teammates

by jonathanturley
rudyard_kipling_portraittom_brady_2016It takes a lot to get me to support Tom Brady and the Patriots as a lifelong Bears fan.  However, there is a bizarre controversy after Brady posted a picture of his Super Bowl winning team with a quotation from Rudyard Kipling’s 1898 poem If on Instagram and Twitter.  That unleashed an outcry from some who denounced the poem as written by a racist.  Other said that, given Brady's support of Donald Trump, the use of the poem was alarming.  Perhaps the critics should also consider another quote from Kipling: "I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble."



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