Sunday, March 19, 2017

Right to an attorney

Obamacare. Trumpcare.  When politicians talk really fast...I'm always a little matter the issue.



JudgeOakley is in good spirits and getting better. — at Bellville General Hospital.


Editors' Picks


Chuck Berry Dies at 90; Helped Define Rock 'n' Roll


Mr. Berry was rock's master theorist and conceptual genius, a songwriter who understood what the kids wanted before they knew themselves.


The Fake Freedom of American Health Care


If Republicans really want to give patients more freedom, they should try health care the Finnish way.

On Board the World’s Largest Cruise Ship
Photograph by Alberto Bernasconi
The Harmony of the Seas is the epitome of excess. The largest ship ever built, it’s heavier than 17,000 elephants, taller than Mount Rushmore, and more than twice as long as the Washington Monument. Alberto Bernasconi’s photographs are a serious and sublime portrait of luxury on the high seas.   |  Look Closer  |



Josh Malgieri, vice president of the Sonoma Cannabis Company, under artificial lighting used to trick cannabis plants into flowering.
Marijuana Industry Presses Ahead in California's Wine Country


Sonoma County has become a seedbed of cannabis experimentation, despite threats from the Trump administration to increase enforcement against recreational use.
Dr. Silviana Marineci, a Romanian completing a fellowship at the University of Minnesota, said a change to the H-1B application policy had left her in limbo.
Rural Areas Brace for a Shortage of Doctors Due to Visa Policy


Small-town America relies on a program that attracts foreign physicians to underserved areas. A recent federal change, however, could delay newcomers.





President Donald Trump Announces Sale of California to Mexico – The Art of The Deal


I toured the jail in my hometown and they are PROUD that they spend less than $1.50/day in food. Get arrested here and this is your menu… every day, every week…
1 Styrofoam cup of coffee
1/2 Cinnamon roll
Cup refill with water… don’t bust up the cup…
Chicken Pot Pie, Swanson’s… when I was in college these cost $0.10 each…
See lunch… BTW, hope you still have the cup… you’ll need it.
Vegan… yeah, good luck… pick out the meat, or stay out of jail.



English Woman Fined By Police After Accusing Ex-Boyfriend Of Stalking and “Wasting” Their Time . . . Boyfriend Then Allegedly Murders Woman

by jonathanturley
shana-griceThere is a chilling and tragic case out of East Sussex, England where Shana Grice, 19, was found dead with her throat slit months.  Months ago, Grice was fined by police for wasting their time in accusing her ex-boyfriend, Michael Lane, 27, of stalking her.  Lane is now standing trial for her murder.


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