Thursday, April 6, 2017

Blue Sky

Going see comedian Steve Martin in Sugar Land soon.  Should be a good evening.

I suppose we should be relieved Trump didn't point the missiles at the Americans who don't like him....yet.


It's more efficient if everyone stands on an escalator instead of some people walking on it, researchers have found.
Why You Shouldn't Walk on Escalators


If everyone stood two abreast, experts say, escalators would move more people more quickly. Good luck persuading anyone to do this.


President Trump in the Oval Office on Wednesday.
Trump, Citing No Evidence, Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime


In an interview, President Trump said Ms. Rice, a former national security adviser, may have sought the identities of Trump associates who were mentioned on intercepted communications.



I often steal from my friend Dan's blog

Jesse Frankel
Jesse Frankel, Tries to assess all politicians fairly.

I think Otis Farnhill nailed it quite succinctly. When Trump was elected, I thought “Give the guy a chance. How bad can he really be? He must be acting dumb to fool the reporters.”

Naivete ruled the day. He was far more terrible than I imagined and he will get even worse. I won’t repeat what Mr. Farnhill wrote, but Trump has done everything possible to undermine democracy as the United States knows it. Nepotism, possible conspiracy with Russian operatives, making deals with private investors who have conflicts of interest with the American public…lying…lying, liar liar pants on fire.

The list goes on. He appointed Betsy DeVos as Education Minister. This is a person who came from money and who married money, who has absolutely no clue as to what public education entails, and her plan was to axe thousands of teachers. If they were incompetent and there were replacements, that’s one thing. She simply wants to cut them, afterschool programs, and other programs out.
Ben Carson may be a brilliant brain surgeon, but as the head of HUD he has zero qualifications and even less experience. His remark about slaves seeking a new life in a new world was not only ill-advised, it was downright idiotic.
Conflict of interest with Ivanka getting her own office, nepotism, oh, and golf…Trump said during his campaign speech he would be too busy if he were elected. Well, he’s been off golfing at least three times to the best of my knowledge…wonder if his handicap has improved?


Meddling Kids Score Journalistic Coup In Kansas

by jonathanturley
design_img__s3nlnc-Copy-8The Washington Post has an interesting story this week about a group of high school reporters who showed what true investigatory journalists are capable of.  Connor Balthazor, 17, and his colleagues at the Booster Redux at Pittsburg High School in southeastern Kansas began to dig into the background of their new principal, Amy Robertson.  They found discrepancies and Robertson resigned.


Sky - blue haired ladies CAN be very  attractive!





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