Sunday, April 16, 2017



The only thing that keeps me going and hopeful is that I know I am not that smart politically.


Confucius say "Man with small hands always wants large parades".

I just get the feeling that Trump's goal is for us to put on one of those North Korea type military parades in  Trump's honor.  ...Sadly...we might just have to do it.

Fortunately I remember my early training and know that if there is a nuclear war the safest place for me to hide is underneath a school desk. 

Just leaked.  U.S. most at risk during "beautiful chocolate cake" desert.


Yes. I have friends in high places.


D. J. Gribbin, an infrastructure specialist on the White House's National Economic Council, with President Trump this month. Mr. Gribbin used to work for Macquarie, a bank that specializes in infrastructure and stands to gain from such undertakings.
With Trump Appointees, a Raft of Potential Conflicts and 'No Transparency'


President Trump is populating the federal government with former lobbyists who in many cases are influencing policy in industries where they were recently paid.


René Álvarez and his daughters, from left, Sabina, 12, Ximena, 14, and Yetla, 17, at home on the outskirts in Mexico City.
Mexican Deportees, Once Ignored Back Home, Now Find 'Open Arms'


The number of Mexicans kicked out of the United States actually fell at the start of President Trump's term, but politicians and others in Mexico have seized on the issue.


Well he got this right.

Here is Donald Trump's 'beautiful' chocolate cake - it really does look rather good



An installer putting in a drip irrigation line at Harborside Farms, a large marijuana grower in California's Salinas Valley.
Marijuana Goes Industrial in California


Growers are moving to large farms in the Salinas Valley, threatening the state's smaller cannabis farmers and inspiring fears of a glut.

The Gallatin Fossil Plant, a coal-burning power plant run by the Tennessee Valley Authority in Gallatin, Tenn. Coal ash from the plant has been seeping into groundwater and the river, two recent lawsuits say, possibly threatening drinking water for a million people.
2 Tennessee Cases Bring Coal's Hidden Hazard to Light


Coal ash, a largely unseen byproduct of electricity production, is leaking from storage ponds, two lawsuits contend, and could be threatening the drinking water of more than a million people.

Kasey, Easter Saturday.





Swipe Left: Arizona Man Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Women’s Purse on First Date

by jonathanturley
David Harlow, 38, may not be a good option for a second date for a woman who met him through Tinder. After she went to the bathroom at their first face-to-face meeting, Harlow allegedly ran off with her purse.





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