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It won't be long before some really powerful white people start embracing minority rights with a passion.  You know, when whites ARE in the minority.

Russia just denied that Trump shared classified information.  That makes me feel better as it comes from a reliable source... and obviously Russia is aware of what we classify and what we don't.

Humana. Doctor prescribed lots of golf. Insurance refuses to pay any portion of green fees and related expense. Trump is my President. He loves golf. Maybe the Republicans will slide a little of that wasted money on starving children over to where a little of my golf will be paid by taxpayers. Silver lining?



WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Three men alleged to be prominent Russian spies inexplicably gained access to the Oval Office last week and held a high-level meeting there, according to reports.
Eyewitnesses to the meeting said that the three Russian agents spoke at length and shared sensitive intelligence material, at times laughing uproariously.
After approximately an hour, the meeting broke up, with two of the spies leaving the Oval Office and the third remaining behind.
News that agents of the Russian Federation had somehow eluded the Secret Service in order to hold a meeting in the Oval Office sent shock waves through Washington on Monday evening.
“The fact that three well-known Russian agents were able to hold a meeting in the Oval Office suggests that something has seriously broken down,” Harland Dorrinson, a national-security official who served in the Reagan and Bush Administrations, said. “None of these three men should be anywhere near the White House.”


Top News
President Trump met with Sergey V. Lavrov, Russia's foreign minister, in the White House last week. American journalists were barred, but Russia released photographs.
Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intelligence to Russia, in Break With Ally, Officials Say


The intelligence disclosed was about an Islamic State plot, according to officials.

Jury Awards $40M to Offshore Oil Well Owner in ‘Message’ to Insurer

, Texas Lawyer

John Zavitsanos.
John Zavitsanos.

Nearly 12 years after Hurricane Rita ripped through the Gulf of Mexico, a Texas jury Friday ordered an insurer to pay over $41 million to an oil company that lost an offshore oil-drilling platform and well, including $28 million in punitive damages and more than $1.6 million in attorney fees.
The six-week trial revolved around claims by Houston-based equity firm Prime Natural Resources that the well’s insurer, Lloyd’s of London, improperly refused to reimburse some of the expenses it incurred to repair and replace it.
Prime was seeking $1.8 million in damages and more than $1 million in attorney fees; lead plaintiffs attorney John Zavitsanos of Houston’s Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing said that, once interest and statutory penalties are factored in, he expects the award to climb by a few million dollars more.
Lloyd’s offered “absolutely nothing” to settle the case prior to trial, he said.  

Zavitsanos, who tried the case with firm colleagues Sammy Ford IV, Foster Johnson and Ward Goolsby, said the case involved issues of first impression for Texas courts regarding insurers’ duties under the Texas Insurance Code and is particularly important for smaller companies such as Prime.
Lloyd’ was represented by J. Clifton Hall III, William Maines and Reece Rondon of Houston’s Hall Maines Lugrin, who did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
According to Zavitsanos and court filings, the case involved a policy Prime and its partner in the well, W&T Offshore Inc., purchased in April 2005.
It was not a good year to insure oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico with Hurricane Katrina ravaging the Gulf before laying waste to New Orleans and the Louisiana coast in August 2006. Rita struck less than a month later. Hundreds of wells were damaged or destroyed, Zavitsanos said.
The Prime well, like the majority of the others, was covered by Wellsure insurance policies, a package that includes preventive services provided by well=-control firm Boots & Coots as well as insurance for various well components.
As Zavitsanos explained, the policy package divides coverage into “silos” of coverage available for purchase: one for the well, one for the platform, one for environmental contamination and so forth.
“It’s like a cafeteria,” he said. “Most energy companies purchase a lot of coverage for the oil well and very little for the platform.”
“We believe that Lloyd's at some point began concocting a way to avoid coverage under these policies … and that this was sort of a test case for them,” he said.
The actual cost to replace the well and platform and remove the debris was more than $17 million, with Prime responsible for half.
While Prime was being stiff-armed as it demanded coverage for its losses, its partner–the much larger W&T—“was paid 99 cents on the dollar for the exact same expenses on the exact same policy by the same vendor,” Zavitsanos said.
In 2015, Prime sued Lloyd’s in Harris County’s 129th Judicial District, asserting claims for breach of contract, unfair or deceptive acts under Texas’ Insurance Code, failure to promptly pay claims under the code and breach of the common law duty of good faith and fair dealing.
During the six-week trial before Judge Michael Gomez, Zavitsanos said the jury was clearly put off by the insurer’s arguments that the claim was for parts of the drilling platform—whose coverage had already been exhausted—rather than for parts of the well itself.
“For example, they took the position that the wellhead [the portion of the well containing the casing and valve mechanisms] is not part of the oil well, that it was actually part of the platform,” he said. “They said the conductor—the outer part of the pipe—was actually part of the platform.”
Zavitsanos said the jurors took about a day and a half to reach its verdict.
In conversation afterwards, he said the jurors indicated that “they took their duty about being the conscience of the community and sending a message to insurers very seriously.”



Trump Meets With Erdogan In Midst Of Rising Scandal Over His Alleged Disclosure of Classified Information To Russians

by jonathanturley
The one thing you can say about this President is that he has an impressive sense of timing. Unfortunately it tends to be bad timing.  First there was the disastrous meeting with the Russians in the wake of his firing former FBI Director James Comey.  The optics could not be worst . . . until the meeting got worse with the alleged disclosure of code name intelligence from an ally.  That meeting was held at the request of Russian president Vladimir Putin and then the Russians releases pictures taken by its state-run media organization, Tass, to the embarrassment of the Administration.  Now, after Trump has threatened to cancel daily press briefings and change libel laws to allow easier lawsuits against the media, he is meeting with one of the one of the world's most authoritarian figures, Turkish President ­Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Trump was previously criticized for calling Erdogan to congratulate him for acquiring near dictatorial powers in a close referendum.  The last leader that anyone would want commiserating with Trump at this moment is Erdogan who has arrested journalists and critics alike in a crackdown on free speech and the free press.


Trump team defends 'wholly appropriate' talks with Russians

The Latest on the report that President Donald Trump shared classified information with Russian officials.
Read more 

Texas Seeks Medicaid Money It Gave Up Over Planned Parenthood Ban


Four years after Texas gave up millions of dollars in federal Medicaid funds, a request presents an important early test for the Trump administration.



A satellite image of what the State Department described as a building in a Syrian prison complex that was modified to support a crematory.
Syrian Crematory Is Hiding Mass Killings of Prisoners, U.S. Says


The State Department released satellite images showing a building thought to be a crematory, which would enable bodies to be disposed of without leaving evidence behind.


Something Wiki This Way Comes: Family Investigator Reveals That Murderer DNC Staffer Was In Contact With Wikileaks Before Being Killed

by jonathanturley

The family of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich has continued to investigate his murder for over a year -- unsatisfied by the conclusion of the D.C. police that he died in a botched robbery.  There have long been rumors that Rich may have been the source of embarrassing emails given to Wikileaks and that he was murdered by someone in power.  Now, almost a year after he was shot and killed, the family's investigator has revealed that Rich was in contact with Wikileaks shortly before his death.




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