Saturday, May 13, 2017

La Bamba,

I appreciate those that click on advertisements...even by mistake.  KaChing! #trumplike

Even though we are the only country in the world who has ever used atomic weapons against an enemy, I would like to think the world was ok with us having nuclear  capability....before we elected a mad man.

Three of my clients have sent a certified letter proclaiming "not guilty".  Three times it hasn't worked. #Trumpthinksitworks  One more time and I think I will be sanctioned.

Ever calculated your profit off your sale of a Timeshare? Doesn't take long.


Good Lord. He's President.



Trump Boasts That His Impeachment Will Get Higher TV Ratings Than All Other Impeachments



Steve Zarconi Shows Documentary Men of Steel at GW’s Corcoran Gallery

Last night, my son Jack and I went to see the documentary Men of Steel by photographer Chris Zarconi.  Zarconi is a graduate student at George Washington University and set out in his to photograph the rust belt and interview those still living in cities like Youngstown, Ohio.  He is an amazing photojournalist and filmmaker.  These are his pictures (published with his consent). Zarconi was also one of the plaintiffs in Chang v. United States, the mass arrest case stemming from the 2002 protests of the World Bank and the IMF.  I had the honor of representing Chris and the other plaintiffs with my co-lead counsel Daniel Schwartz and his colleagues at the Bryan Cave law firm.  Chris was arrested while working as a photo journalist for the award-winning Hatchet university newspaper.

The documentary features a former steel worker in Youngstown (not far from where my mother grew up) who lost his job just a few months short of his pension.  Ronnie G is a acoustic guitar player who wrote songs over the course of his career.  He not only performed some of his songs but gave the audience and extremely moving account of his life and lives of his fellow steel workers.  It was an incredible show.  Ron’s songs like “Too Damn Bad” were performed on his old guitar from back when he was an 18 year old steel worker in the 70s.
Zarconi has an incredible artist perspective and traveled around the rust belt in his 74 Airstream.  He met Ron and other fascinating individuals in these forgotten towns of mills, mines, and steel works.


Trump Warning to Comey Prompts Questions on 'Tapes'


"James Comey better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" Mr. Trump posted on Twitter.



Video VIDEO: Fear and Fury in New Jersey
At a town hall in New Jersey, Representative Tom MacArthur, who is credited with reviving legislation that could repeal the Affordable Care Act, faced hundreds of outraged constituents, who worry they may lose their health care coverage.


Brandon Bostian in 2007. Mr. Bostian, who was driving an Amtrak train that derailed in 2015, was charged with reckless endangerment the day before the statute of limitations expired.
Engineer in Philadelphia Amtrak Crash Is Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter


Brandon Bostian was charged exactly two years after the crash, which killed eight people. Lawyers for some of the victims' families took advantage of an obscure law that forced officials to act.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has in the past suggested that prosecuting drug crimes more vigorously will broadly reduce other crime.
Attorney General Orders Tougher Sentences, Rolling Back Obama Policy


A new directive from Jeff Sessions reverses Obama-era policies on charging and sentencing nonviolent drug offenders and orders federal prosecutors to seek harsher penalties.


Sorting books at the library in Roseburg, Ore. A sign inside spells out its future in four words: Come June 1,
Where Anti-Tax Fervor Means 'All Services Will Cease'


Some voters in rural Oregon are seeing what happens when taxpayers force government into retreat. Libraries are blinking out. Jails might be next.



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