Friday, May 5, 2017

No matter how fine the china is

I'm announcing my candidacy for Congress. It's my best chance of staying insured.  Perhaps my ONLY chance.

Slow Technological Progress.  I'm a little upset that my phone can't drive me to the courthouse this morning and I still have to do it manually.

If you want your children to have insurance for the rest of their life, help them get elected to Congress. It's about the only way that it can be guaranteed. 

I don't mind Trump going down. I mind him taking us with him.

"I need a bigger boat and I'm gonna need a bigger golf ball."


Yes sometimes I get to dine with a good friend





Trump Supporters Celebrate Imminent Loss of Their Health Insurance



Bail reform bill passes Texas Senate 22-10

After weeks of politically touchy negotiations capped by a shove from a Houston federal judge, the Texas Senate voted on significant changes in the state's bail bond system designed to keep of low-level offenders from sitting in jail because they cannot afford to pay for their release.
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James Comey 'Mildly Nauseous' Over Idea He Swayed the Election


The F.B.I. director spoke publicly for the first time about his decisions about the Hillary Clinton email inquiry in the days before the election.

Sealy Park

Top News
From left, Republican Representatives Fred Upton of Michigan; Michael C. Burgess of Texas; Greg Walden of Oregon and Billy Long of Missouri spoke to reporters after discussing health care legislation with President Trump at the White House on Wednesday.
With $8 Billion Deal on Health Bill, House G.O.P. Leader Says 'We Have Enough Votes'


A vote was scheduled for Thursday, and the majority leader sounded confident about its chances, as critics called the added funding inadequate.





Major Houston restaurant group eyeing bankruptcy

The Houston-based operator of 137 restaurants has debt totals about $121 million,  despite selling off 150 additional restaurants in 2015.
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Flint residents face crackdowns for not paying for poisoned water

Meanwhile, three years after the Flint water crisis began, pipes still have not been fixed and water is still considered unsafe to drink.

Alexandra Jacobo

Puerto Rico Declares a Form of Bankruptcy


The island's governor said he would move its debt crisis into federal bankruptcy court, making it the largest United States government entity to seek refuge from creditors in American history.



Ex-District Judge Gets Arrested Again in Drug Bust

, Texas Lawyer

For the second time in two years, former District Judge Kevin Fine was arrested in a sting operation and charged with felony attempted drug possession. Because of the new charge, a court revoked Fine's bond in his first case, issuing a warrant for his arrest. It could even have implications for his law license.
The Kerrville Police Department on May 1 arrested Fine and charged him with attempted possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, in an amount between 4 and 200 grams, according to jail records. It's a third-degree felony, punishable by two to 10 years in jail and a fine up to $10,000. Fine was booked into the Kerr County Jail on May 1 and released on a $25,000 surety bond the next day.
The affidavit of probable cause in the case said that a woman on April 10 told a Kerr County Sheriff's narcotics investigator that the woman hired Fine to represent her against drug charges. Fine took payments in cash, and "he would also trade sex and drugs for his services." Fine once told her he only represented people facing drug charges "because they could supply him with drugs."
On April 27, the woman recorded a call with Fine and he allegedly said "he wanted the drugs but he was more interested in having sex with her." A couple of days later, Fine called her and set up a meeting in Comfort, telling her "to bring some 'go fast' too," the affidavit said. On May 1 the woman changed the meeting location to a gas station in Kerrville. When they met, the woman was wearing a recording and transmitter device, and police monitored the transaction.

During the meeting, Fine sat in the woman's passenger seat and discussed payment. She opened a pouch with a digital scale, meth pipe and baggie containing a half of an ounce of a substance meant to look like meth. Fine gave her $250 and told her to open the bag "and let him take a pinch." Officers then moved in and arrested Fine.

Previous Case

Fine's new charge is identical to the charge in his ongoing case in Kendall County, which also began as an undercover sting operation. That case was set for a plea deal hearing on May 23, but Fine's new arrest changed those plans.
"I've withdrawn all my offers and we're going to start from square one," said Katherine McDaniel, first assistant district attorney in Kendall County.
McDaniel said the court on May 2 revoked Fine's $10,000 bond in the case, which means there's a warrant for his arrest and detention in the Kendall County Jail. She said she would ask the court to hold Fine in jail until his case is over, rather than releasing him on another bond.
"He poses, in the state's opinion, a risk to the community at this point," said McDaniel. She explained that the affidavit in the Kerr County case "talks about not just necessarily the purchasing of narcotics and methamphetamine, but the selling of favors—the implications being, there's a sexual innuendo going on with potential clients and other drug abusers in the community.
The Jan. 8, 2016, complaint in that case said that Fine was texting with a woman trying to buy two "eight-balls"—or 7 grams—of methamphetamine. The woman, a confidential police source, said she couldn't meet him, but she would give him another contact who could sell him the meth for $300. The woman told police about the conversation and she provided Fine with the contact information of an undercover officer.
In texts, Fine arranged to meet the officer, said the complaint. They met at a Wal-Mart in Boerne, where the undercover officer walked up to Fine's pickup truck and gave him simulated meth. Fine allegedly gave the officer the money hidden in a "tin can of snuff, smokeless tobacco." He then drove away, and Boerne police stopped his truck and arrested him.
Fine's lawyer in the Kendall County case, Wallace Ferguson, didn't return a call seeking comment before deadline.
Fine, who didn't return a call seeking comment, has a history of drug addiction spanning back to his teenage years. In 1998 he completed a monthlong rehab program followed by outpatient treatment, and he said he was sober for 10 years. In 2008, Fine won election to Harris County's 177th Criminal District Court after campaigning on promises that he would help other addicts get sober and out of the court system. In 2012, Fine resigned because he wanted to return to working as a trial lawyer, handling criminal cases, commercial disputes, personal injury and family law cases.

Attorney Discipline Implications

The new charge in Kerr County could have repercussions for Fine's law license.
Fine is currently on probation through February 2019 with the State Bar of Texas. One term of probation prohibited Fine from violating any criminal law. If he broke a term of probation, the bar could ask the Texas Board of Disciplinary Appeals to revoke the probation and suspend Fine's license for the remaining term.
Claire Mock, spokeswoman for the bar's Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, wrote in an email that the office would investigate Fine's new charge to gather evidence about whether he broke his probation.
Fine's March 2 agreed judgment of probated suspension said that a client hired Fine and paid him $10,000. Fine didn't keep the client's money separated from his own funds, and he didn't communicate enough for the client to make informed decisions. Fine failed to complete the representation, and then he wouldn't return the client's money.
The agreed judgment said the bar might also file another disciplinary case against Fine based on any conduct that caused the bar to revoke his probation. A second case could ask for any sanction, like suspension, resignation or disbarment.
"An arrest on its own doesn't provide us with enough evidence to either revoke probation or open a new disciplinary matter. When we see that someone has been accused of a crime that may constitute professional misconduct, we have to investigate, gather evidence, etc., before we can determine how to proceed. As with criminal matters, people are innocent until proven guilty, so there could be any number of outcomes," Mock wrote.




House Passes Measure to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act


After weeks of struggle, House Republicans narrowly passed hard-fought legislation to repeal and replace large parts of the Affordable Care Act.



Tennessee Police Shutdown Scientology Facilities After Reportedly Finding People Held Against Their Will

by jonathanturley
488px-scientology_symbolsvgThe Church of Scientology is facing renewed allegations of abusive and cult-like conditions of followers.  A string of psychiatric facilities run by the Church of Scientology in Cannon County, Tenn. have been closed after police reportedly found that patients there were being held against their will in crude trailers and cabins in the woods.  Former Scientologists have accused the Church of holding people against their will and adopting bizarre remedies for mental illnesses due to their founder's opposition to psychiatry.  Marc Vallieres, the operator of the facilities, was charged with two felony counts of facilitation of kidnapping and two other men working at the facility pled guilty to misdemeanors.



Trying to understand Trump supporters.  Best I can tell if you are a foreigner they would rather you wouldn't be here in the first place frankly.  And as for Americans that are born here, they would rather you wouldn't be well educated at taxpayers' expense and they don't like you at all if you are sick, hungry and poor and would like you to leave the country  as you are just a burden to mankind and spoil the beautiful gold glitter coming from the Trump mansion which are idolized.  And if you have the nerve to criticize Trump at all (media or person)  you are a liar and should lose your free speech rights.  Thanks Obama!  See what you caused?


Since I have taken to wearing a hoodie at all times, no one comes for coffee no matter how fine the china is.


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