Sunday, May 28, 2017


Today I just don't feel like I fit in. Learned Harvard denied my application for cheerleader try outs.

Another wonderful day, and if you are like me, you woke up with another inexplicable old man skin tag.

Trump makes me feel the need to tweet, yet I have nothing to tweet about and my followers are ok with that. #InFactGrateful  #ButThenAgainIOnlyHave4andTheyLiveInTheHimalays

Almost completed the first part of my tennis lessons, the extreme grunting.  Instructor says next time I'll get to hold the racket.


Body Cameras, Long Distrusted, Now Help Show 'Human Side of the Badge'


As more police departments adopt body-worn cameras, they are seeing ways to use the technology as a counterpoint to narratives about officer misconduct.



Trump Says He Does Not Know Jared Kushner Very Well


This nut job is fitting right in the Trump fold. Incidentally, if you vote for people like this please deport yourself.





Sister of Salman Abedi Insists That Her Brother Was Trying To Revenge The Deaths of Muslim Children

by jonathanturley


The Rise and Fall of H.R. McMaster

by jonathanturley
H.R._McMaster_ARCIC_2014One of the most damaged individuals from the various controversies surrounding President Donald Trump has been his National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster.  McMaster of course replaced the most damaged individual, General Michael Flynn who is now the subject of multiple investigations.  McMaster was brought in to bring professional and credibility to the position.  He was an excellent choice.  However, the use of McMaster to try (unsuccessfully) to deflect concerns of Trump's disclosure of highly classified information to the Russians destroyed much of his reputation in Washington.  Now, what remains of that reputation seems to be rapidly evaporating with McMaster's dismissive "not concerned" response to a high-level advisor (Jared Kushner) reportedly asked the Russians to create a secret, secure communications line  through their embassy or other location.  While that allegation does not appear a criminal violation in and of itself, it would a highly disturbing addition to an already troubling story on the close relations between the Trump officials and the Russians.  The former head of the NSA and CIA under Bush said that such a back channel would be both uncommon and dangerous.



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