Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wrecking Ball

Some, previously, thought Miley Cyrus was the major wrecking ball taking down our society.





"Free".  When I studied marketing at Lamar University, I was taught that putting that word i n your advertisement guaranteed more attention.


Warren E. Buffett on Saturday at Berkshire Hathaway's shareholders meeting in Omaha, where he repeated his argument that


Forget Taxes, Warren Buffett Says. The Real Problem Is Health Care.


Over the weekend, Mr. Buffett urged fellow executives to start worrying about rising health care costs and how they put American businesses at a disadvantage.



'You're hired!' (via YouTube)
We were right about a number of nominees; let’s look ahead to the next batch.
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Bikini-ish by Kellie


5th Circuit upholds fine for lawyer who refused judge's request for a yes-or-no answer

May 9, 2017, 7:00 am CDT



Blooming vine on my front porch today




by jonathanturley
President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey this evening in a surprise move.  Various politicians and the media have openly referred to the act as "Nixonian" and "another Saturday Night Massacre."  I have previously stated how the Saturday Day Massacre has been misrepresented.  I also do not agree with Jeff Toobin on CNN tonight that the decision was clearly due to the fact that Comey's investigation was getting "too close" to President Trump.  I agree that the timing is concerning and legitimately questioned.  However, the Administration may also have waited for the Deputy Attorney General to be confirmed to allow a career prosecutor to review the matter and to concur with the decision.


School Withdraws Suspension Of Middle Schooler For “liking” Picture of An Airsoft Gun

by jonathanturley
There is another moronic application of the "zero tolerance" policy of public schools out of Ohio at the Edgewood Middle School.  Administrators informed the parents of Zachary Bowlin that he was facing suspension because he merely "liked" a picture of an airsoft gun Instagram.  While the school withdrew the suspension after public outcry, there is (again) no indication that anyone will be disciplined for this abusive treatment of a middle schooler.





        Another federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed, this time in the beating of Akrem Azzam naming Houston jailer Lasswon Shannon and the City of Houston. See attached lawsuit. Jailer Shannon attacked Mr. Azzam while he was handcuffed in a cell. See attached video. Shannon was arrested and pled guilty to assault and no longer works in the jail, however, 

      This incident comes on the heels of the jail beating of Reuben Williams several months before. Reuben Williams attacker is still employed by the City of Houston receiving no discipline.

         "There appears to be a pattern of excessive force at the Houston jail. The public is tired of these abuses." said Johnny Mata of the Greater Houston Coalition For Justice.       

     "There is no independent outside review of these incidents of excessive force. For example HPD in the last 13 years has shot over 250, about 60 unarmed, with no sustained IAD complaint for excessive force." said civil rights lawyer Randall Kallinen, "Despite changes occurring nation-wide Houston has chosen to remain in the Dark Ages when it comes to curtailing excessive force and police misconduct transparency." 

      For police shooting data in Harris County go to
There will be a press conference in front of the HPD Headquarter downtown at 1200 Travis with Akrem, The Gretaer Houston Coalition For Justice and Akrem's attorney Randall Kallinen:
DATE:         Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 1:00 P.M. 
PLACE:       Outside HPD Headquarters; 1200 Travis, Houston, Texas 77002  
CONTACT: Randall Kallinen: 713.320.3785

The Supreme Salient: Decades Of Static Ideological Lines On The Court Could Vaporize With A Kennedy Replacement

by jonathanturley
Below is my column in the Hill Newspaper on the implications of a rumored retirement by Justice Anthony Kennedy.  If nothing else, it allowed me to discuss the anniversary of the Ypres Salient explosion in World War I -- the mining of the German line with massive bombs.  While we often discuss how a nominee could change the Court on issues like Roe v. Wade, the replacement of either Kennedy or Ruth Bader Ginsburg would potentially collapse the long static lines on the Court.  Like trench warfare, the 4-4 split on the Court has moved little in areas like abortion. It could now evaporate in the flash of a confirmation (assuming that Chief Justice John Roberts does not step into the role of swing vote on the Court).
Here is the column:




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