Sunday, June 18, 2017


Leaked.  America is about to institute it's first Impeachment under Juvenile Law.

He likes to tell us "wait until next Thursday" for a major announcement (and then often doesn't follow through).  So it's ok with me if Trump has to wait to find out if he's under investigation.  Dose of his own medicine seem to drive him madder.

Democrats charged by CPS for abusing Trump.

As if teens locked in juvenile detention centers didn't have enough to worry about, some express fear that Trump will end up their cell mates.



It's not a voter ID we need prior to letting people vote....but we do need SOMETHING


Do Rosenstein and Mueller Have Conflicts of Interest in the Trump Investigation?

by jonathanturley
Rod_Rosenstein_US_Attorney440px-Director_Robert_S._Mueller-_III-1For many weeks, I questioned the need for a Special Counsel in the Russian investigation because it seems like a coverup in search of a crime.   I still do not see the evidence of a crime and simply saying "collusion" does not supply an actual crime.  However, when President Donald Trump fired James Comey, I supported the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate obstruction of justice, even though I remained skeptical of the basis for an actual obstruction charge. I still fail to see the compelling basis for an obstruction case without stretching the criminal code to the breaking point.  Nevertheless, I continue to support the need for an independent investigation.
The investigation of a sitting American president however must itself be beyond question as to any bias or influence.  For that reason, I have been questioning the propriety of Rod Rosenstein to continue in his current position vis-a-vis the Russian investigation.  From the outset, Rosenstein seemed to me to be an inevitable and important witness.  Ironically, the recent leak magnified this problem.  The leak seemed calculated to protect Mueller from being terminated by publicly identifying Trump as a possible target. However, whatever benefit the leak brought Mueller, it undermined Rosenstein.  If Mueller is investigation Trump for obstruction, Rosenstein should immediately recuse himself.
It is not clear if Mueller has an equal conflict of interest. There is reason to be concerned.  If Mueller discussed the Comey's termination with Trump as a candidate for the next FBI Director, he might also be considered a witness in any obstruction investigation. It would seem highly material to the investigation to learn of how Trump described his decision and what he said (if anything) to Mueller about the ongoing Russian investigation.  At a minimum, the Special Counsel should address what is a reasonable question over his own knowledge of (and participation in) any meetings with Trump on the Comey termination and the Russian investigation.
Here is the column:



Car shopping today with Nikon D500


Report: NSA Deputy Wrote Memo Detailing Trump’s Effort To Get Agency To Exonerate His Campaign In Russia Investigation

by jonathanturley
Admiral_Michael_S._Rogers,_USNdonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedAnother day, another leak.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that it has seen a memo written by Rick Ledgett, the former deputy director of the NSA, detailing a phone call in which U.S. President Donald Trump NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers to state publicly that there is no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia.  It is the latest high-level official reporting a concerted effort by Trump to dispel allegations of collusion.  While the Special Counsel is reportedly seeking to interview Ledgett, I still remain skeptical of the current facts being used as the basis for an obstruction case.  As I previously discussed, Robert Mueller has hired at least one senior lawyer known for his unsuccessful effort to expand the scope of obstruction.  However, this memo contains an obvious defense to a conventional obstruction claim - assuming the definition of the crime is not stretched beyond recognition to change the meaning of "corruptly influence."


President Trump arriving on Thursday at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland after a day trip to Miami. He has given Jim Mattis, the defense secretary, the authority to send several thousand additional troops to Afghanistan.
As U.S. Adds Troops in Afghanistan, Trump's Strategy Remains Undefined


Military experts say that in outsourcing decisions on troop levels to the Pentagon, the president has abdicated his duty to defend troop deployments.


Unable to recover the balance of loans by repossessing and reselling the cars of owners who default, some subprime lenders are aggressively suing the borrowers to collect what remains.
The Car Was Repossessed, but the Debt Remains


Millions of Americans are shackled to high-interest auto loans after a subprime lending spree, and regulators fear the effect on the broader economy.


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