Monday, June 26, 2017

Trump still campaigning

I can think of 537 resignations that could happen today and America would be greater overnight.

Be Proud. No one gives our President credit for anything!  I'm betting he has more hotel lobby experience than any leader of any country.  That is reason alone for every citizen to pledge our loyalty to him.  He may be the world's foremost expert on desserts such as chocolate cake.

Russia should just chill. We're on our way to defeating ourselves without them composing a single tweet.

I suspect a solution to health care starts with a plan that does not allow an insurance company to be so profitable that it pays its chief executive  over $500 million dollars a year.

Our greens keeper just banned  President Tweety for life.

Not good. I can only remember 3 of the 10 signs of Alzheimer. 

Voting Districts - we need what they have in some states (California) where a committee of both parties draw up the voting districts and that those districts need to be close to shapes like squares, circles, rectangles instead of snakes.

Irritating that Trump complains that news organizations that show video of what he said on campaign are fake.

Breaking News.  Trump still campaigning against Hillary and Obama.  Someone tell him he won please.  The ball is in his court.

Sorry Mexico.  Our President got you confused with solar panels.  Solar Panels will pay for our wall.  Forgive him.  He's new (and doesn't even believe in solar power...he's a coal guy).


I just hope the doesn't start a war JUST so he can wear a really fancy uniform like some historic leaders have worn... but never earned.


College Professor Is Fired After Appearance on Tucker Carlson

by jonathanturley
1498409260102We just discussed the free speech and academic freedom issues of schools investigating professors for their postings on social media.  Now we have A New Jersey college professor who was fired by Essex County College after appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”  Professor Lisa Durden staunchly defended  a black-only Black Lives Matter event and caused an uproar of criticism over her highly insulting comments about  "white people."


Biblical Bust: Builder Of Noah’s Ark Exhibit Blames Non-Believers and “Fake News” For Failure

by jonathanturley
The giant replica of Noah's Ark built by Creationist Ken Ham appears to be a failure on a truly biblical proportion.  Built with contributions from public funds, Ham is  blamed the dismal sales of "intolerant secularists" and the media who have spread lies about the attraction. It is a curious excuse since the Ark is symbol of ignoring doubters and critics to prevail with divine intervention.


Shifting sands expose unseen ancient Petroglyphs on an Hawaii beach

Hawaii’s shorelines are world renowned for their exquisite beaches, and their legendary surf spots. Yet, the breaking waves have supplied more than just white waters and barrels, but washing away the sands to unveil the outlines of ancient shapes that were engraved into the bedrock.
Americans on vacation on the island of Oahu stumbled across a number of petrogyphs, engravings of men in the sandstone, thought to have been created by the islands early native dwellers.
Specialists believe that the engravings, which were found on the Wai’ anae shore line, might be hundreds of years old, dating back to the first European settlers which arrived on the islands in the late 1700s.
The series of petrogyphs stretch over 18 meters (16 ft) of beach, and were uncovered by the waves washing the sand away. Yet the incoming tide partly covers the shapes with the coastlines unsteady sands.
They might have been uncovered, and covered several times since they were engraved, just waiting to be found.
The Hawaiian islands were believed to have been inhabited for millions of years subsequent to volcanic activity. Anthropologists think the chain was first colonized by native individuals from Polynesia.
These seafarers are believed to have voyaged across the Pacific Ocean from island to island, before settling on the volcanic island as early as 300 CE.
Archaeologists with the US Army visited the site to research the petrogyphs along with Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources, who calculate at least 17 shapes engraved into the beach.
They state these engravings are much larger than others they have seen, and display more detail, with several of the petroglyphs comprising fingers on their hands. This is the first site with petrogyphs directly located on the shoreline.
Archaeologists are coming up with a plan to preserve, and protect this site due to its cultural significance. Many of the petrogyphs are about a foot tall, yet these measure up to 4 or 5 feet from head to toe.
In an attempt to preserve the discovery for future generations, tourists and locals are encouraged to look at the engravings but not to touch them.
Specialists state the shapes are a significant part of Hawaii’s culture, and will continue to reappear and disappear with the tides.


Wild Things: Ivanka Trump Loses Bid To Quash Deposition Over Her Alleged Theft Of Shoe Designs

by jonathanturley
Ivanka Trump is facing a difficult lawsuit over alleged theft of the designs of an Italian shoemaker, Aquazurra Italia, as part of their "Wild Things" line. The company filed a trademark infringement claim against her and her company in June 2016 and a court recently rejected motions filed on Trump's behalf.  Those motions included a claim that Ivanka Trump's duties as a high-ranking government official made her participation in the litigation too difficult. The claim was rejected.  Part of the court's rationale for rejected her arguments are distinctly reminiscent of the litigation over her father's immigration order.


Where Trump Zigs, Tillerson Zags, Putting Him at Odds With White House


Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson has found himself out of sync, especially on Middle East policy, with President Trump and his top advisers Jared Kushner and Stephen K. Bannon.


Jurors Find Video Isn't Providing 20/20 Vision in Police Shootings


Video played a crucial role in recent trials of officers, but none ended in conviction. The evidence hasn't been as clear cut as many had expected.

Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, speaking last month in San Francisco. He has embraced a public role since the election as a kind of elite-level organizer against certain policies of the Trump administration.
Bloomberg's Next Anti-Washington Move: $200 Million Program for Mayors


Michael R. Bloomberg will announce an initiative to give funds to large cities as an extension of his advocacy for largely liberal policies.
Sudhakar Choudhari, who was recently laid off from his job at Tech Mahindra, searching for job listings at his apartment in suburban Pune.
Indian Technology Workers Worry About a Job Threat: Technology


Artificial intelligence, automation and big data are raising fears of widespread layoffs in a $150 billion industry.


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