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Woke up worried that super computers have determined that the world will run out of acceptable new song lyrics in 2018.  I remember how sad it was that computers determined in 1997 that there were no new acceptable rock band names left.

Beginning to think that O.J. Simpson was a consultant in the Bill Cosby trial.



Reginald Connor had his conviction in the kidnapping of 16-year-old Jennifer Negron reversed in 2014.
A $25 Million Mistake That the City Won't Admit


The settlement with two wrongfully convicted men brings the total New York has paid since 2014 to $200 million, and yet it admits no wrongdoing.


National Geographic
science stories you can geek out about
Our ability as a society to separate truth from lies is under unprecedented threat—but there’s no denying that lying is part of what makes us human. How and when do we learn to lie? What are the psychological and neurobiological underpinnings of dishonesty? Where do most of us draw the line?

In our June 2017 cover story, we take you inside the science of dishonesty and introduce you to some of the world’s most infamous liars, schemers, storytellers, and hoaxers.



President Trump spoke in the Cabinet Room of the White House before having lunch with Republican senators on Tuesday.
Trump, in Zigzag, Calls House Republicans' Health Bill 'Mean'


After calling the House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act a "great plan" last month, the president told Republican senators on Tuesday that it was too harsh.


Trump Adds More Trademarks in China


The latest trademarks could allow the president to expand his business interests in scientific and technological services, building construction and medical and veterinary services.


Marco Coello, accused of taking part in a 2014 demonstration against the government in Caracas, Venezuela, was beaten and jailed for several months. He eventually fled to the United States.
Torture Victim, Expecting a U.S. Handshake, Was Given Handcuffs Instead


A man who had been beaten and jailed by Venezuelan security agents fled to the United States, but was arrested when he arrived at an asylum interview in Miami.


The Koch brothers & Trump: The men who sold the world

With the help of the Koch Brothers, Trump and the Republican Party have “moved in the opposite direction from virtually the rest of the world.”

Richard Eskow


With its sloping green, crosswinds and seven irregular bunkers, the ninth hole at Erin Hills packs many challenges into just 135 yards.
To Win the U.S. Open, Golfers Must First Defeat a Tiny Terror


Created as a quirky bonus hole, the diminutive-but-vexing ninth hole at Erin Hills is likely to be the most entertaining 135 yards of play.

associate money
What is your firm doing to promote volunteerism?
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President Donald Trump is under investigation

The Washington Post reports President Donald Trump is under investigation by the special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 election.
Previously, Trump had received private assurances from former FBI Director James Comey that he was not personally under investigation. Officials say that changed after Comey's firing.
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Judge orders convicted drunken drivers to download ride-hailing apps

Jun 14, 2017, 8:00 am CDT


 I think for background music for this shoot Joe Cocker was singing "You can leave your hat on"



Trump Administration Tosses New Rule Protecting Whales Despite Support From The Fishing Industry For The Rule

by jonathanturley
220px-Sperm_whale_podPresident Donald Trump has pledged to reduce red tape and regulations for businesses in the United States.  It is a worthy goal, but it has led to some curious decisions.  For example, the Administration just tossed  a new rule intended to limit the numbers of endangered whales and sea turtles getting caught in fishing nets.  This rule however was supported by the fishing industry.  Thus, this was a rare case where conservationists and corporations agreed. It was the Trump Administration that did not agree.  Not only was the rule proposed by the Pacific Fishery Management Council had proposed the new regulation in 2015, but the federal government has been implementing the plan.
jonathanturley | 1, June 15, 20


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