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America Still #1!   We remain an inspiration to the world for how far an idiot can go in this great country of ours.

Bank calls ME gullible? Then why did IT fund my new business: Darby's Tours of Great Free Trump Wall.



This happened at world meeting today.  He can fool us, but the world?  Not so much.



“These Are The Ones Hurting You?”: Putin and Trump Share An Anti-Media Moment In Hamburg

by jonathanturley
Since 1993, roughly 60 reporters have been killed.  Russia maintains a close level of control over the press where Putin has reinstated authoritarianism in the country after a fleeting period of democratic rule.

To have such an exchange with a man like Putin about the free press is a truly low moment for our country.  The men and women in front of the two leaders represent a profession that has lost dozens of journalists who simply fought to publish the truth about the Putin regime. Thousands more have died around the world in the struggle for free speech and the free press.  I understand the need to deal with figures like Putin in diplomacy but commiserating with the likes of Vladimir Putin about the free press is a shocking image for any American president.


Harris Co. justice of peace suspended after sex, pill-popping admissions

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday issued an order to suspend Harris County Justice of the Peace Hilary Green from office immediately based on allegations that Green illegally abused prescription drugs, sent sexually explicit texts to a bailiff while on the bench and paid for sex.
It's the first time any Texas judge has received a temporary suspension in at least a decade, records show.
The state supreme court had been asked to take the unusual emergency action by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, which in May presented a 316-page document in support of an immediate suspension. That document summarized evidence it had collected in its own investigations of previously secret complaints made against Green from 2012 to 2015.
The commission alleged that in its own closed proceedings, Green already had admitted to many allegations against her, including illegally obtaining prescription drugs and using marijuana and Ecstasy while she was presiding over low-level drug possession cases involving juveniles in her south Houston courtroom.
One of the allegations is that Green had a bailiff supply her with illegal drugs from evidence stores.
The commission argued that the evidence -- and Green's own admissions -- more than justified Green's immediate removal from her post as a jurist for Harris County Precinct 7, Place 1 while the state watchdog agency prepared for a longer civil trial required under Texas law to remove Green -- or any judge -- from elected office.
"Judge Green's outright betrayal of the public's trust warrants her immediate suspension pending formal proceedings," the commission had argued.
Green's attorney, Chip Babcock,  argued in a response to the supreme court that voters themselves had a chance to review and "forgive" many of the commission's allegations, some of which were published in Houston Chronicle stories, before they chose to re-elect Green in 2017.
In her response to the high court's filing, Green complained the commission had treated her unfairly and had failed to take into account updated information she provided, including evidence that she'd passed several recent drug screening tests.
She also sought to discredit allegations against her, arguing that some of the information first surfaced in a contentious divorce filing by her ex-husband, Ronald Green, a former city councilman and ex-controller.
Another source of the complaints against Green was Claude Barnes, a former boyfriend who Green accused in her court filings of threatening to destroy her. The ex-boyfriend, among other things, has alleged that he and Green paid call girls for three-way sex at a time that Green was still married and was out-of-town attending a judicial conference.
Green also maintained in her filing that the ex-boyfriend's complaint was not properly submitted. 
In 2012, the commission also received two complaints alleging that Green had unethically ruled in cases involving a friend who was a five-time convicted felon. Green lied about her relationship with that ex-neighbor in responses she provided under oath to the earlier complaints, the commission has argued.
The commission's next move will be to prepare for a trial to remove Green permanently from office. Under Texas law, another judge will be appointed to hear the case and ultimately will make findings of fact and conclusions of law before Green can be formally removed from office.
Babcock said Friday he learned of the suspension order from the Chronicle.
"The Supreme Court's order is very disappointing and it is surprising that on the face of the order it does not appear that they considered Judge Green's response to the request for temporary suspension," he said. "We are still looking into that issue and will determine what steps Judge Green takes when we have concluded our investigation."




A Primer on Gerrymandering and Political Polarization

An email received yesterday from the Brookings Institution contained an article about the history and impact of gerrymandering in American politics.  The article by Fred Dews is introduced as follows:

After the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in a Wisconsin redistricting case, a new explainer dives into the history of partisan gerrymandering, its impact on political polarization, and what should be done about it.

Fred Dews is Managing Editor of New Digital Products at the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, D. C.  Its mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level.


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On safety, including infections that can kill you, Medstar Washington Hospital Center gets a D. Yet it's the "go-to" hospital for D.C.         .. Read More →






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